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4 Instances When You Should Contact a Business Lawyer

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When running a business, you want to avoid any legal issues that could arise. However, there will be times when you need to seek legal advice from a business lawyer. For instance, you should contact a business lawyer if you are planning on starting a new business, you are experiencing legal issues with another business, you need to draft or review a contract, or you are facing bankruptcy. The professional is experienced and highly trained to help you with all your legal needs. Here are four instances when you should contact a business lawyer:

When Drafting or Reviewing Contracts

Once in a while, you will have to sign a contract. This could be for renting office space, hiring an employee, or partnering with another company. You want to make sure that the document you are signing is legally binding and in your best interests. A business lawyer will review the contract and offer any necessary revisions before you sign it. This can protect you from being taken advantage of or getting into a legal dispute.

When You Are Facing Bankruptcy

No business owner wants to face bankruptcy, but it is a reality for many. If you are struggling to keep your business afloat, you may need to declare bankruptcy. This is a complicated process, and you will want to hire a business lawyer to guide you through it. They can help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is the best option and represent you in court.

When You Are Starting a Business

If you are starting a business, it is important to get legal advice from a business lawyer. They can help you choose the right business structure, obtain the necessary licenses and permits, and draft contracts. Having a lawyer on your side from the start can save you a lot of time and money down the road.

When You Have a Dispute with Another Business

It is not uncommon for businesses to have disagreements or disputes with other businesses. This can be over a contract, supplies, money, or anything else. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to avoid any legal repercussions or protect your company from potential losses. A business lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement, file a lawsuit, or represent you in court.

There are many instances when you should contact a business lawyer. If you are starting a business, facing bankruptcy, have a dispute with another business, or need to draft or review a contract, you should seek legal advice. The professional can protect your interests and help you avoid any legal issues. Contact a firm such as Schoch & Schoch today to get started.