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The Benefits of Using a Skilled Legal Recruiter for Your Law Firm

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When your law firm has vacancies for new attorneys, you may be eager to vet and hire talent from across the country. However, you also may not have the time or skills needed to advertise your openings, scan resumes and applications, and handle the initial vetting of people applying for those positions.

Instead of leaving them open, you can use a professional recruiter who can handle some of the critical work of hiring new attorneys for you. You can benefit from using the resources of a legal recruiter for your law firm.

1. Putting Your Interests First

When you work with a legal recruiter, you can put the interests of your law firm first during the hiring process. The recruiter will work for your law firm foremost by advocating for your firm's best interests and making sure any new talent will work to your firm's advantage.

Your legal recruiter can recruit applicants based on various criteria such as what level of prior experience you prefer. You can maintain the proverbial upper hand during the hiring process and know the attorneys sent to you for consideration understand what the benefits and obligations of the job are upfront.

2. In-Depth Vetting

The legal recruiter may also spend ample time vetting new attorneys to make sure they are a good fit for the skills and tasks for which you are hiring. The recruiter might review in-depth the applicants' resumes and applications. They may also verify helpful details about them, such as the applicants' outside interests and prior work experience. You know if they will be a good match for your law firm. You avoid having to take time out of your busy schedule to speak in-depth with these new attorneys and discover this information for yourself.

3. Objective Reviews

Finally, you may get objective input about what talent to hire for your law firm. The legal recruiter may lack the same bias you naturally have as the law firm's owner or senior partner. You may be able to trust their advice about what new talent to consider for your openings. 

An experienced legal recruiter can benefit your law firm in several ways. They can put the interests of your law firm first and vet talent that will be a good match for it. The recruiter can also take the time to review talent and offer an unbiased take on what new attorneys to hire.