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Tips For Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

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If you have ever wondered if you should fight a traffic ticket, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of people come to court prepared to fight their traffic tickets and hope to avoid fines, points on their license, and higher insurance premiums. For many, it works. With these tips you can work your magic and successfully fight your traffic tickets.

Demonstrate Information Is Missing

Sometimes it is not what the officer included but rather what they did not include that can help you get off without having to pay for a ticket. For example, the officer may have left out evidence or information about the crime you are accused of committing.

Challenge Subjective Judgments

Often, a police officer has to make a subjective judgment about a situation. He or she may feel that you were speeding, but they have no specific evidence to show you were. They may have felt you were driving erratically, but they may not detail exactly how this is so. If the officer thought you were being unsafe, they may not have a clear description or memory of exactly how you behaved in an unsafe manner.

Gather Witness Statements

Witness statements may not eliminate a police officer's testimony, but it can certainly present some doubt. Passengers and bystanders can serve as great witnesses for your case.

Bring Photos and Diagrams

Photos and diagrams can be used to paint a clear picture of exactly what happened when you received the ticket. Images of a tree blocking a 'Yield' sign may help the judge see that you were not responsible for missing the sign.

Argue You Were Legally Justified

Let's say a police officer tickets you for driving too slowly in the left lane on a major highway. You may have a strong case if you are able to show you intended to turn left but were stopped too soon.

Another related claim could be that doing an illegal maneuver was necessary for the safety of all involved. For example, you may have had to suddenly change lanes without a signal because you were about to be hit by another vehicle merging into your lane.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket lawyer can help you through the process of fighting your ticket in traffic court. Hire an attorney to learn the best techniques for battling your ticket in court. The process could be simpler than you think.