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Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney As Soon As Possible After An Arrest

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If your spouse has been arrested for a crime, the first thing you want to do is hire a criminal defense attorney. It doesn't matter if your spouse is guilty or innocent, they need a lawyer for the best outcome. Ideally, the lawyer will be present before your spouse gives a statement to the police or answers questions. Here are some reasons your spouse needs guidance from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

To Arrange A Plea Deal

An attorney might get some of the charges dropped or arrange for a lighter sentence if a deal can be arranged before charges are filed and your spouse goes to court. This could have a better outcome for your spouse that even includes avoidance of prison time depending on the type of crime that was committed.

Plea deals are common, but they aren't always the best move. An attorney studies the situation and helps your spouse decide if pleading guilty to a lesser charge is worth avoiding a harsh sentence. Plus, a plea deal will spare your family the stress of going through a trial and not knowing what the outcome will be.

To Arrange For Release On Bail

An attorney isn't needed to arrange bail, but they can influence the judge to reduce bail, or the bail amount can be reduced if the attorney can get some of the charges dropped. Bringing in an attorney right after your spouse is arrested could mean the difference between sitting in jail and getting to go home while the legal matters are worked out.

If your spouse was charged with a serious crime, then bail might not be possible or the bail might be so high that you can't raise money to get your spouse out. Minor crimes usually have a set bail amount that can be paid so your spouse doesn't have to sit in jail. An attorney can help you understand this system and bring about the release of your spouse if it is possible.

To Establish A Defense Early

The attorney needs time to learn all the details of the case and to establish a solid defense. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best way to fight charges with a chance of having a good outcome if the case goes before a judge or to trial. There are numerous approaches the attorney can take depending on the nature of the crime, your spouse's involvement, the credibility of your spouse, how sympathetic your spouse appears, and your spouse's past criminal history.

Being cleared of charges is an important goal to work toward or a criminal record could keep your spouse from getting a good job in the future. Prison time will affect the rest of your spouse's life, so hiring an attorney right away is an important step in helping your spouse through this trying time.