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Beyond The Drunk Driver: Other Parties You May Sue If Hurt In A DUI Accident

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If you have been injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, don't limit your accident claim to the driver. Sure, they are the most obvious liable party for your case, but there are other potentially liable parties depending on the facts of the case. Such parties may include:

The Alcohol Provider

In some cases, liability for your injuries may extend to the person who provided the drunk driver with alcohol. For you to sue them, however, you will need to prove that the alcohol provider gave the driver the drink despite knowing that:

  • The person would drive after drinking
  • The person was already intoxicated

You also need to prove that the intoxication was the proximate cause of the accident. Examples of alcohol providers who may be held liable for DUI accidents include:

  • Bar or restaurant owners or staff
  • Hosts of parties where alcohol is provided
  • Any other person who provided the driver with alcohol, such as friends or family members

The Owner Of The Car

It may also be possible to claim damages against the owner of the car, assuming that the driver wasn't its actual owner. This is possible under the legal principle of negligent entrustment, which applies when a person puts a dangerous instrument into the hands of a person who cannot handle the equipment properly. The principle applies in this situation because a car is considered dangerous equipment due to the inherent risk of injury it carries, and an intoxicated person is obviously not equipped to drive because alcohol impairs judgment.

In this case, you have to prove that the owner of the car knew or should have known that the driver was drunk or would drink and drive. For example, if the driver approached the owner of the car reeking of alcohol, it is a clear indication that the car owner should have known the driver was intoxicated. In such a case, it's possible to hold the car owner liable for the crash.

The Parents Of The Driver

Lastly, you may also be able to extend the liability of the accident to the parents of the driver. This is possible under the legal principle of parental liability, which holds parents civilly liable for the negligent actions of their minor children. Therefore, if you are injured by a car being driven by an intoxicated teenager, consider sending your claim to the parents of the teenager.

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