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3 People You Might Be Able to Sue after Your Motorcycle Accident

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If you have recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, you could be dealing with major injuries and all of the problems that can go along with them. Along with dealing with potentially very serious pain, you might also be dealing with very expensive healthcare bills and a major loss of income because you are unable to work. There is a solid chance that a personal injury attorney can help you get some of the money that you need to cover your medical care and all of your household expenses, depending on the situation. These are a few of the people you might be able to sue after a motorcycle accident.

1. Your Motorcycle Manufacturer

Did something go wrong with your bike while you were driving and cause your accident? If so, there is a chance that you might be able to sue your motorcycle manufacturer—or the company that manufactured any of your motorcycle's parts—for the accident. Your personal injury lawyer can look into what caused your motorcycle to malfunction and can determine if the manufacturer was to blame for any reason.

2. The Driver

If you were struck by another driver on the road when you got into your accident, you might be able to sue him or her -- or their insurance company -- to recover some of the money that you need while you are trying to recover. Although sometimes accidents just happen, the driver who is responsible should be held responsible, particularly if drinking and driving, texting and driving, or another type of negligence was involved. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help because he or she can communicate with the driver's insurance company and otherwise handle the aggravation for you.

3. The Department of Transportation

In some cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by big pot holes, a lack of signage on the side of the road or another issue with your area's highway system. The Department of Transportation—or another similar agency in your area—is responsible for such matters. By suing, you can help encourage the Department of Transportation to be more careful about the roads in your area, which can help keep everyone safe. This is especially true for motorcycle riders, who can be more at risk due to road-related issues. Plus, you might be able to get access to the money that you need during this difficult time in your life.

The person or agency that you will need to sue after your accident will vary based off of the specific details of your case. A good personal injury lawyer like Frank L. Slaughter Jr. PC can talk to you about your case and can help you get started with your claim.