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2 Ways That A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

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A divorce lawyer is the best resource you can have at your disposal throughout the divorce process, mostly because of the many ways in which he or she can help you out. A divorce lawyer can make the whole divorce process easier and as stress-free as possible. Two ways that a divorce lawyer can help you are by offering mediation and enforcing the terms of the divorce.


Mediation is a great option if you and your spouse are on decent terms during the divorce process. With mediation, you and your spouse will sit down with your lawyers and attempt  to come to some sort of agreement on how the marital assets will be divided. 

In addition, this meeting will also deal with other facets of the divorce, such as how much child and spousal support will need to be paid. Custody of any children and visitation rights will also be discussed.

Once everything has been agreed to, the completed and signed mediation agreement will be submitted to a judge for approval. If the judge approves of the agreement, then the divorce will be finalized without you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse having to go to court. This is a great benefit because it is far less time-consuming than arguing your case in court.

Enforcing Divorce Terms

Your lawyer will also be able to help you make sure that your ex-spouse follows through on the divorce arrangements once the divorce has been finalized. For example, a divorce lawyer can ensure that your ex-spouse continues to pay his or her child or spousal support. If your ex-spouse pays less than the agreed upon amount, or always pays late, your lawyer can do everything from contacting your ex-spouse to remind him or her to asking a judge to authorize wage garnishment.

A divorce lawyer can also ensure that you get your fair share of any assets that were hidden during the divorce proceedings. If you discover that assets were hidden during the divorce, you can have your lawyer submit that information to a judge so that the property can either be awarded to you. In many cases, the judge can also order that the hidden property be sold and the proceeds divided between you and your ex-spouse.

Speak to a divorce lawyer today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help you. A divorce lawyer like Allen & Rector can help you ensure that your ex-spouse follows the divorce agreement, while also helping you with mediation in order to make the divorce process be as smooth and easy as possible.