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How To Make Sexual Harassment Stop

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Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still a reality for many people, particularly women. Whether it happens in the workplace, in a school setting, or in a public setting, sexual harassment is always uncomfortable for the victim. Many times, people do not feel they have recourse against their harasser, so they end up staying silent about the situation. If you or someone you know have been a victim of sexual harassment, know that there are actions you can take against it.

Read on to find out what these actions are and how they can help stop sexual harassment:

Approach The Offender

Many people feel that ignoring harassing behavior will make it stop. In reality, staying silent and ignoring the behavior makes it worse; the harasser sees the ignoring as a sign to keep the behavior going. Approaching the harasser by telling them you find their behavior offensive is a great first step to making the behavior stop. Often times, this will be enough.

If it's not, it's time to contact a higher up to ensure that the behavior towards you stops, and to prevent it from happening to others.

Utilize Sexual Harassment Policies

Most organizations have policies against sexual harassment. These policies include certain procedures that take place when someone makes a sexual harassment claim. An organization with a policy against sexual harassment is legally responsible for taking action against it. If there is a specific person that takes these claims, report your situation to that person. If there is no policy in place, report the situation to a supervisor immediately.

Go To A Lawyer

If all the other actions mentioned did not stop the behavior, it could be time to visit a lawyer. A sexual harassment attorney will be able to advise what type of claim and lawsuit to file and with whom. For example, a workplace harassment claim is going to differ from harassment in an educational setting. And remember, it's important to document the harassing behavior as often as possible. The more evidence you have, the better off you are.

Sexual harassment is any sexual advance or behavior that is unwanted and makes someone feel uncomfortable. The best way to ensure it will stop is to speak up, whether that's to the offender, a supervisor, or a lawyer. By speaking up, you can ensure that the offender is made responsible for their behavior and you can help prevent it from happening to others.

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